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Why Partner With Us

After nearly 14 years of supplying wholesale silver jewellery and wholesale gemstone jewellery to Australian retailers, the name Stones & Silver has become synonymous with stunning jewellery, superior service and exceptional value.

Established and trusted since 2003, we have grown to become one of Australia’s leading wholesale jewellery suppliers. Offering the most extensive range of exquisite wholesale silver jewellery and gemstones, we are known for our personal touch. Since our very beginnings our focus has remained on consistently offering the highest level of customer service and we recognise that our success has been built on the strength of the relationships we’ve nurtured over many years in the business. We are proud of our high level of repeat and referral business that is testament to the quality of our jewellery and the value of the service we offer.

If you’re a jewellery retailer seeking a wholesale supplier you can trust - look no further. We cater to a broad range of clients, across a variety of industries and thus have the experience and expertise to assist you no matter what your business requirements.

At Stones & Silver we’re proud to be a small business doing big things for our customers.

We understand what’s important to our customers and first and foremost we don’t believe in competing with them, which is why unlike some other jewellery suppliers, we are strictly wholesale. Partnering with a wholesale supplier means you can have confidence in the uniqueness and individuality of the jewellery you resell, and rest safe in the knowledge you’re not competing with your own supplier.
Stones & Silver is proud to offer one of the most extensive wholesale jewellery ranges in Australia. At the heart of this beautiful range are our exquisite collections of gemstones and 925 sterling silver jewellery. Every stunning gemstone is hand selected from our network of high quality suppliers. In selecting our wholesale silver jewellery we work with highly skilled and talented sterling silver artisans to ensure we deliver you some of the most stunning and unique sterling silver jewellery found anywhere in the world.

Just as we value our relationships with our retailers and resellers, so too do we value our relationships with our own suppliers and manufacturers. The long-term nature of our partnerships mean we are able to offer our customers some of the most reasonable wholesale prices available. And as one of the most experienced jewellery wholesalers in Australia, we know that partnering with suppliers we know and trust means the quality and authenticity of our jewellery is never compromised.

Our focus on quality pieces at the very best value and price, underpinned by an absolute commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, has been pivotal to our success and remains a core driver of our business today.

We cater to a broad and diverse clientele, large and small, including but not limited to, jewellers, gift stores, speciality boutiques, new age businesses and online retailers.

Our range of designs is constantly evolving to reflect the latest trends and styles.  With one of the most extensive wholesale jewellery collections in Australia and with literally thousands of items in stock, we’re sure to have the perfect selection of pieces to match the vision of your business.

We’ve worked hard to make doing business with us easy. When partnering with us your options include viewing and selecting from our massive range online, arranging a private appointment at our showroom, scheduling a visit from us and our ‘Mobile Showroom’, or requesting for a sample selection to be sent. Whatever your requirements you can rest assured we’ll do our utmost to meet them.

You can also see us at all the major trade shows such as the Reed Gift Fairs & JAA shows, and we hold several private events around the country where you’ll have the opportunity to view our entire range.

The ‘one stop shop’ nature of our business means your wholesale order can be phoned, faxed or submitted online within a matter of minutes, and you can usually expect same day dispatch of your order. At Stones & Silver we are committed to providing every customer a purchase process that is trustworthy, fast, safe and reliable.

Stones & Silver are acutely aware of your concerns regarding the security and confidentially of your information.  We can assure you we take all reasonable measures to prevent any misuse of any information or data regarding our clients personal and business information. We do not sell, share or hand on any client information at any time to any other parties.